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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The scope of Aero Engineering in India in the future will grow and increase day by day in the 21st century. As we all knows that Aeronautical engineering is the primary branch of engineering behind the design, construction, and science of aircraft and spacecraft. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (B.E. Degree) is a 4 years undergraduate programme related to the Aircraft Maintenance. During the course, students will get knowledge about the aircraft and its each and every component like gears, electrical system, landing gears, instrumental system, fuselage, engine, radio and navigation system etc. They deal with maintenance, repair and troubleshoot the issues occur in an aircraft at the ground. AME is responsible for keeping the aircraft in airworthy condition. This allows dealing with the well-being and protection of aircrafts and its passengers.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (B.E. Degree) comprises of theoretical and practical sessions by the qualified and experienced staff. Practical classes in labs and workshops allow the student to learn the concept in a better way.

ROLES OF AN AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer): The work of Aeronautical Engineering is a combination of the art and the science. An aero-plane is a very complex flying machine, the design of which takes years of scientific research, testing and evaluation of different design aspects and requires highly sophisticated and state of art system to finally build it. For continued airworthiness, these flying machines have to be maintained on day-to-day basis by specially trained expert Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Technicians Here come the role of an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer), who is responsible to maintain the aircraft in airworthy condition for its safety before it flies. In short, an Aircraft cannot fly unless it is properly certified by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), appropriately licensed and authorized to do so by the Regulatory Authority.The work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers relates with all electrical, electronic and mechanical parts of the aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance engineering manages the plan, development, and investigation of the aero-science behind the powers and physical properties of rockets, aircraft, flying crafts, and shuttle. The endorsed courses of study and syllabi cover zones like design, plan, structures, impetus, aerodynamics, streamlined features and frameworks and smooth maintenance of all components & aircraft as well.

CHARACTERISTICS OF AN AME: Aeronautical engineers should have an eye for detail and be good at problem-solving. They should have mathematical precision and computer skills, design skills, and the ability to communicate well. They must have good planning skills and a knack for working under pressure. An aeronautical engineering hopeful ought to be physically fit as there may be a need to frequently work at incredible speed especially in checking and maintenance of aircraft amid turnarounds.

SCOPE: B.Tech. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one of the most exciting career prospects in India. This course offers not only exciting job prospects in top companies but at the same time, one gets this lifetime thrill of becoming an aircraft engineer. Most of these passed out engineers are hired by prestigious organizations like ISRO. Other aircrafts manufacturers and renowned departments likewise: – National Aeronautical Laboratory, Civil Aviation Department, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Defence Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO).

These engineers can also opt for green pastures in foreign countries. Jobs are available with the national, international, public and private Airline Services along with aircraft-manufacturing units.Aeronautics designers are in extraordinary need in aircraft industrialized divisions, aircraft ventures, and air turbine production plants or design. They can also seek employment in different areas such as design, development, and maintenance as well as in the managerial and teaching jobs in institutes. This is an incredibly well-paid job but it is also very demanding. In future, the demand for aerospace engineers will rise because of their requirement in various sectors. There are lots of job opportunities available in India as well as in foreign countries.

CAREER & EXTENDED SCOPE: The aviation industry is growing so drastically that a lot of career opportunities will be there which students can grab on their merits.  India is the third largest civil aviation market in the world, having the potential to become in the first place.It is one of the handsomely paid and reputed job profiles in engineering. In coming years, Airbus and Boeing are going to set up their maintenance, repair units in different states f India

The career opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are as:

  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Organisations
  • Aircraft parts manufacturing units
  • Civil Defence
  • Aircraft Operations Organizations
  • Aviation Training Centers
  • Flying Clubs
  • Corporations
  • Private Airlines
  • Aeronautical Laboratories

Postgraduates in the field can choose their career as Professor, Analysis Engineer, Instructor/Assistant Instructor, Design Engineer, Corporate Trainer cum Design Engineer, System Safety Management Engineer, Aerospace Chief Engineer, Lecturer & Professor etc.

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